Tuesday, May 16, 2006

you tube, roomba, badges

i now have a you tube account with no videos.

this may or may not be where i upload the mario party vid. (it may just be imbedded into this site.) i'll let you know as soon as i do.

but the REALLY exciting news is that our new roomba arrived today!

our new roomba!

oh my goodness! he has a glowy red button that sort of pulsates while he's charging! it's not rude like some blinking red light. huh uh. it's all nice and soft. *sigh* i heart my new chibi-robo. (heh heh!)

the "teh rox" and "l33t" badges that chibi's wearing are from bubblecup and they're really great! every person that i've ordered from on etsy has sent such fabulous stuff!

i, uh, i have to go watch my robot vaccuum cleaner charge now.

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