Monday, May 01, 2006

help, please!

hey, chitterlings!

i have a favor to ask. (a favour if you're british.) leff and i have been invited to an atari party on the 13th (although we've yet to rsvp). the invite suggests that we bring baked goods. (and you know about me and making baked goods, right?)

i'm in the middle of a billion projects again (what's new?) and i don't really have time to do the brainwork it requires to come up with a new cake/cupcake/cookie idea. so i'm asking you, my kind readers, what kind of 8bit/atari cake/cupcake/cookie would you like to see?

would you like for it to be a specific character from a game? how about atari controllers for everyone? (crap. that was an idea that i just had. oops.) or do you want me to focus on the consoles?

seriously, your input will be greatly appreciated. just reply in comments below.

a billion thank yous! now back to my current 8bit project.

the start of another 8bit project


Irregular Shed said...

Atari don't have any stand-out characters to use, unlike Nintendo or Sega, so that's no good.

You could go for a VCS cake. That'd be neat. You could marry that up with cartrige cookies.

Or, go for the very sleak, curvy lines of Computer Space, or the bastard child of a computer and a wadrobe with the Pong cabinet. Lying on their backs, it should be achievable.

Or use boot-lace candy for vectors somehow and do Tempest or Asteroids.

I managed to type this whilst feeding a baby, BECAUSE I ROCK =)

jens~ said...

I don't know that many Atari games or consoles, the only Atari I ever had was the Atari Lynx. It's still in use by my mom for playing Klax from time to time, by the way.

But for a cake, maybe Frogger would be a nice theme. You could get away with just the river, you'd need two layers (ground and water) and some logs, maybe turtles and at least one frog.


Arielle said...

Pacman cupcakes. That'd be way awesome.

arielle said...

Crap. I just looked at your Flickr and saw you already made a Pacman cupcake :(

Lisa B. said...

Well you know I don't know nuthin' 'bout no video games, but I think the Atari logo was waaay cool. How about just a square cake decorated with the Atari logo? That would fit your no-time-to-plan schedule ... maybe you could cut the shapes out of fondant, or screen it on with colored sugar ... or make it separately out of hardening icing like those little decorations you buy at the store ... or use candy ...

r4kk4 said...

these are all great ideas! thanks everyone!!

by characters i just meant things like pac man and space invaders, shed. i guess it was the wrong term. and you do, indeed rock!

holy crap, jens! your mom is so cool! my dad sold our old game systems a long time ago. oh well...

yeah, sorry about that, arielle! i'd been planning on making the pac-man cupcakes for a few days now for my birthday month.

i've thought about having the atari logo tatooed on my butt, pants. (hur hur! buttpants!) but then logic prevailed, thankfully. i am a big fan of the logo though. it's really simple and clean.

Anonymous said...

An Adventure Duck Dragon.

r4kk4 said...

are you talking about the dragony duck thing in adventure, matt? cause that's cool! :D!

Anonymous said...

Yep... maybe Yorgle? -m

r4kk4 said...


you know, i think i'm going to make cookies out of those!

thanks, matt!