Thursday, May 04, 2006

blah, blah, blah, stuff, blah, blah, blah, etsy

wow, i am *so* full! earlier i polished off a green tea bubble tea (with milk)

green tea bubble tea with milk

and i just ate a whole packet of spicy lemongrass tofu. mmmmmm!! (why do i mention it? because leff gets this feed and he'll know that there's only onion tofu left for him to eat. sorry, leff. *burp!*)

two things of note happened on the trip downtown. one-- i got a new pinky st figure! hooray!

cat only

(she's even crazier about cats than the playmobil lady!)

two-- i lost the dust bunny/sprite that i'd just bought. it's probably still on the bus. *sigh* that's the second dust bunny/sprite that i've lost. (katty kat got me one for my 32 bday and that one's m.i.a. too. *sadness*)

also in purchasing news, i bought some more cool stuff offa etsy! this kick ass kitty cupcake from the ripe radish

(sorry, i bought the only one. but she has other awesome stuff that you should check out!)

and i also got one of the do the robot necklaces from alwaysamy! (she has really great stuff too!)

right. speaking of etsy, i REALLY need to get a finished drawing to aine for the group project we're working on! i have to have a finished project at her place by the 13th! so, uh, later, gators!

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