Thursday, May 25, 2006

happy birthday to me!

yes, the actual day is occuring as i type. (it had to happen sometime during bday week, didn't it?)

i have to share the most incredible things with you this morning, tender vittles! first off, AINE CROCHETED ME AN OTAMA!!! OMG!!!

(original here)

HOW AWESOME!!#!#!$$!#%!%!%

here he is close up!

(original here)

all i can say to express my excitement over this is ONE!!! ONE1!!!1!! ONE!!! and that's woefully inadequate! (seriously though, THANK YOU *SO* MUCH, AINE!! *HUGS, KISSES AND ETSY LOVE!!*)

also incredibly awesome is this FLASH ANIMATION FROM T EH SHED!!

(image here.)

click here to see the animation!!!

THANK YOU *SOOO* MUCH, T EH SHED!!! that animation is T EH R0XX0R!!!!!

and al sent me bday greetings from sparks!

(original here)

HAHAH! thanks so much, al!

wow!! all of this coolness is making me tired! HAHHA!! i guess i should go eat breakfast.

i'm having this for breakfast too!

oh wait! i forgot to mention that joe took us out for bday dinner last night at gorditos! afterwards we went to gasworks park

gasworks park

the works close up

joe and leff

and then we went to safeway for the ice cream in the photo above and beer. (somehow, eating too much food and wandering around gasworks made us all feel stoned. weird but cheaper than drugs. HAHAH!)

joe writes

(that's joe wishing me a happy birthday backwards in the freezer section.)

ok, that's all for this morning. my phone just texted me happy birthday

phoney bday greetings!

and said that i only have an hour to get everything done. (mean phone!) plus, ms. pac man is singing her siren call and i'm pretty much helpless to resist.

thanks everyone for making this such a great bday week! you guys rock!


Santos said...

happy birthday, rakka! i had it in my head that it would be on saturday, but i am so, so, so wrong....hope you had a rakka rockin' good time!

jens~ said...

Yes! Happy birthday to you, rakka! I hope you're having a great party in combination with a great birthday week!

[i'm forced to enter sbdcsk, which probably means: Sockenbär does congratulate sans Käsekuchen. Oder so.]

r4kk4 said...

thanks, chotda!! :D!!

it's hard to keep track of my bday 'cause i never really tell anyone when it is.

and thank you, jens!! :D!! i'll try to post close to real time movies and audio from the party so it'll be like you guys are there! :D! (the party had to be moved to june 3rd because of memorial day interference)

(hee hee!!! i love it when catchpas can have secret meanings! :D! i have to type "vdbiu" which i guess means "very digging bonn i umbrella"?

sorry, i've got rain on the brain. ;D