Tuesday, May 09, 2006

mount st helens, pie dough, leek twirling, freezer paper

mount st helen's has been growing an odd formation at about a meter a day lately. which, to me, is absolutely fascinating. (here's a time lapse movie that i found via mefi.)

some geologists are saying that this growth will eventually replace the cone that was blown off the mountain in the 80's. either way i'm *freaking out* (in a geeky geology way) about it because i've never lived this close to active volanoes before. one of the old observation decks at st helens has recently been reopened to view the growing "shark fin" and i have *got* to get down there!

also, i need to get a set of mount st. helen's salt and pepper shakers, but that's another subject entirely. (you know the set where the base of the mountain is the pepper and the top cone part is the salt?)

right, enough about the volcano. i made some pie dough this morning. in and of itself, not thrilling. but when you consider that i'll be using said pie dough to make an 8bit pie, it's a bit more interesting. photos soon.

micheal posted this strange, catchy leek twirling video in comments and i have to share it with you here. really, it will be in your head all day!

also, i "screened" a shirt with a freezer paper stencil. (thanks, aine for the idea!) i think it worked pretty well!

it's still not finished. i have to add a pink ribbon to the word balloon. this is part of a larger project that aine has spearheaded. (have i mentioned how awesome she is? because aine = awesome!) more details later as soon as the etsy page is up. all proceeds will be going to race for the cure.

so what do you get when you have a stack of green index cards that have been cut in half, some tape and a fidgety me?

yep. i am 8bit, baby.


Lisa B. said...

OK, this is maybe the best blog entry evah! First, volcanoes: it's never enough about volcanoes!

Second: Pie dough. I like pie. Pie is good. I'm dying for some pie right now.

Third: the leek-twirling video is frakking amazing! I was hypnotized. In fact, I want to watch it for the next 15 minutes. Who's that singing? What's that song? I need to learn the lyrics.

Fourth: Oh please link me to the freezer-paper T-shirt directions! I wanna make one!

Fifth: The index card wall art is genius!

I think I'll need to blog this blog entry ...

Lisa B. said...

Ahh, found the answer: The group is Loituma and the song is "Levan Polkaa" and here is a video of them performing it live:

r4kk4 said...


you're insane, pants. but thank you. i did think of you when i found the mount st helen's vid!

the pie should be done in about 15 minutes. i'll post a pic!

isn't the leek twirling vid the GREATEST!??! and i can't BELIEVE that you found the group!! i've got to buy a cd of theirs RIGHT NOW!!

freezer paper is EASY! i'll just tell you here.

1) make sure you get FREEZER PAPER, not wax paper.

2) draw your design on the UNSHINY side.

3) cut out your design with scissors or an xacto

4) place freezer paper on shirt with the shiny side down and iron it on using low heat

5) turn shirt inside out and place a similarly sized piece of freezer paper shiny side down behind the stencil. iron it in place. (this is to keep ink from bleeding through)

6) use fabric paint (or acrylic with fabric stuff added to it or silkscreening ink) and apply with whatever method you prefer. i used a brush.

7) let it dry. peel off freezer paper from both sides. you may or may not have to heat set the shirt depending upon your ink's directions.

and that's it! it's a lot of words, but it's really simple.