Tuesday, May 23, 2006

bday week continues, the viking, raspberries

hey, hey! more bday greetings! this time from big al!

(original here)

today espn2 was showing the viking ulimate obstacle course again. there's really no good link available with images, sorry. and, well, i can't really explain WHY you should care about an obstacle course set on a giant boat in tokyo bay but you should. i'll tell you this-- watching it is as thrilling to me as when i first saw "iron chef" in 1999 on food network at 1 a.m.

you know, back when "iron chef" wasn't bastardized into "iron chef america". *sigh...*

seriously though, catch "the viking" if you can. it's awesemo in a can. with whipped cream on top.

speaking of food stuffs (mmmm, whipped cream...*homer simpson type drooling*) leff and i switched our produce shipment to the "mostly fruit" box and inside today's delivery was a container of raspberries.

holy. freakin. hell! i don't think i've ever eaten raspberries that tasty! it took a monumental amount of will power to leave some for leff. here's luther wearing one as a hat.

tastiest headgear EVAR!!

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