Wednesday, May 10, 2006

technical difficulties, dr who, harvey pekar, silver buckle stables

today's been a bit off. my skin, normally not a problem, has decided to become all dry in patches. (i've been feeling a bit like cassandra from dr. who. you know, she of "moisturize me! moisturize me!" fame.)

(speaking of dr. who, david tennant = dreamy! *sigh* esp when he wears glasses. *going all moony eyed* (i heart boys that wear glasses.))

*ahem* also today i burned the inside of my mouth because i forgot that food out of the microwave is usually too hot to eat. additionally, i forgot that razors are designed for cutting and not just for shaving.


but the mail gods were smiling, puptents! padre sent me my birthday goodies a bit early! the last time i talked to him, he mentioned that he went to the ohio river festival of books to see harvey pekar. what he DIDN'T say was that he got me an autographed copy of our movie year!


how...wait for it...AWESOME!!!

see, it pays to have young parents. true, it can be a bit odd when you're teaching high school and on parent's night you realize that your dad is the same age as all of the dads of the kids in your class. but that's the price you pay for the coolness, kittens.

that last paragraph was a little poorly worded, wasn't it? ah, that's because i need coffee. which means i'm off to drink a cup or two and then play silver buckle stables.

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