Monday, May 15, 2006

spring, atari, cheese, mario party

it *finally* feels like spring today in seattle! i should add that "spring" to me is around 80 degrees f/ 26 or so in celsius. and that anything over 50 something (10 something in celsuis) is unusual for this part of may. in other words, it's a record breaking day for temps in seattletown and i couldn't be happier!

my soda from the mini mart was happy about it too!

happy soda

esp since we're now listening to shonen knife and watching a documentary on lizzie borden. *sigh of supreme happiness from both me and the soda*

ok, so to recap the weekend. the atari party rocked! i made it to the quarter finals (and in the process beat one of the people that normally ranks in the top five or something at "air sea battle".)

second round

(that photo's from the practice game that leff and i played. of course, leff won that game. it was the first time i'd played "air sea battle".)

leff and i both got totally pwned in the next round which was "circus atari".

i make it to the quarterfinal round

but it was still fun to have made it that far. d made it to the semi finals before being eliminated. so congrats to her! (i forget what game was played in that round. it was the vodka's fault...)

at around 1:15 am or so, the finals were played.


leff has video of both the final game and "circus atari". you've never heard so many people freaking out over an atari game in your life.

sun was the seattle cheese festival. oooooh! the cheeses were INCREDIBLE!

seattle likes cheese

it was really crowded and you kind of had to push your way through to get to the samples. but everyone was very polite and it was worth the effort to try all of that cheese! some of our favorites included pretty much ALL of the cheese from the quorum booth (dubliner, somerdale, red dragon, a cotswald, a mango and ginger cheese and *drooling* kerrygold irish butter. also quite fantastic were mt. townsend's trailhead cheese and the sierra nevada baby bella mushroom cheese and cream cheese.

have i mentioned how glad i am that i'm not lactose intolerant? because it could have very easily happened. (my brother, he is allergic to milk and milk products. poor guy.)

and i've *FINALLY* settled on a theme for my 33rd bday. it's a mario party!

mario party

you see, you power up, get to 33 and die. har har.

we're going to be playing "mario party 7" and "wario ware". i've started sketching the cake and have plans for about two dozen cupcakes plus mexican food, so it might be worth checking back around may 28th or so for photos and/or commentary. i mean, if you're bored.

there have been requests for live feeds and web cams but i'm not sure if we're going to be able to arrange it. leff and i will, however, try to post real time camphone movies. the appropriate links will be provided when available.

and now i bid you audieu. i have to have a spring fever dance party that includes doing the mario.


Anonymous said...

OMG--birthday? did i miss it? 33! happy birthday!


r4kk4 said...

nah, you didn't miss it! it's next week. but thank you! :D! happy bday to you! uh, early bday! (probably late bday. i've been awful at keeping up with things lately. :(