Monday, May 22, 2006

holmes, cake, periods, "law and order: ci"

it's sir arthur conan doyle's birthday! have some cake, you sleuth master, you!

chocolate cake with raspberry mousse and white chocolate shavings

(disclaimer: i realize that 1) sir arthur conan doyle is no longer living. 2) cake cannot be eaten when it is a jpg.)

here's an odd subject to follow cake! while waiting for my test subject to show up today, i read an article in the pi about how menstruation can be considered obsolete due to new contraceptive pills. (yes, even newer than seasonale.)

to this i shout a barbaric yawp, sing hallelujahs, give amens (even though i don't believe in either hallelujahs or amens) and do the safety dance because, sister, i haven't seen the need for periods since i decided that i wasn't birthin' no babies. sign me up for the new pill when it comes out!

switching gears yet again, does anyone know what kind of crack the producers of "law and order" put into their shows? because, i'm telling you, i didn't need to waste five hours of my sunday watching "law and order: ci", i really didn't. but i couldn't stop.

and now it's nap time because the rain, rain, rain is coming down, down, down and that always equals sleep in my book.

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