Thursday, May 18, 2006

sweet mother of jesus!

kotaku loves me this week!

that's a post on the intellivision/lucky wander boy cake that i made for the edible book festival at 826 seattle. the extra sweetness is that dbw tipped them. *happy, so happy!* (thank you, dbw!!)

also, and i'm hesitating to admit it, but, ok fine....i've got my own category on kotaku now. i'm very honored, i really am! thank you very much, kotakugies! (seriously, one day i'll figure out what the plural of kotaku is. haha!)

i think i'll give you blog readers a sneak peak into this year's bday cake sketches for putting up with all of my shameless self-promotion. (sorry, i hope i haven't been too overbearing.)

wait, you didn't honestly think i was going to give anything away, did you? *el winko* (seriously, though, i should start posting photos of the building process by the weekend. hopefully.)


Santos said...

(laughing) you've been in your own category for most of your life, i reckon. congratulations!

Lisa B. said...

"that sweetly-scented exotic blossom"

Wow, they luurrve you!

r4kk4 said...

HAHAHAHAH!! i just might have been, chotda! but then again, so have you! :D! (and that's a seriously good thing! :D!)


yeah, either that or they didn't get the memo that i didn't have time for a shower this morning, pants. HAHAHAH!! ;D

Pip said...


r4kk4 said...

thanks, pippi-lotta! :D!