Sunday, May 21, 2006

cupcakes, beaches, mullets, oh my!

yesterday? *so* much fun!

well, ok, not all of it. the first part of my day was spent at work where the computers refuse to work. ever. (maybe we should call the geek squad. *giggling*)

but there were cupcakes. i ate one.


and then i met joe and leff at royale where i ate another one.

baby cake


two cupcakes in one day is pretty much perfection to me. but joe took us to golden gardens in ballad (thanks, d!) with, get this, sandy beaches!!


i keep forgetting that i live in the puget sound area, so every time i see beaches or water or mountains i keep thinking that i'm on vacation. which rocks. furthering this illusion is the smell of vacation (i.e.--salt water, seaweed and dead marine animals) all around town. so much rocking, putt-putts!

anyway, at the park in ballard you can have a bonfire (!!!) in a designated pit. a bonfire (!!!). i heart seattle. in fact, i'll fight you for her.

we had to leave the park earlier than we would have liked because joe had to go to work. but before we left ballard, we dropped by archie mcphee. where i got this photo of joe wearing a wig in their photo booth.

joe's new hair

*weeping from laughter!*

anyway, a day like that needed ice cream. so, of course, there was ice cream.

luther sized ice cream

tiny, individual sized portions of ben and jerry's. who knew?

i topped the entire sheebang off with a few chapters from oh the glory of it all (which is 62% off in that image. what a deal!). i just hope that today can be as much fun!


Anonymous said...

Ballard park = Golden Gardens

We should go one evening and have a bonfire with marshmellows. Nummy!


r4kk4 said...

awesome! thanks! i don't know how i forgot the name!

i'm down with marshmellows! :D!