Tuesday, May 16, 2006

brit has a bday, flickr makes changes, super secret site


please have a virtual sushi cupcake and an incredible day!

sushi cupcake

ok, so to talk about what everyone else has probably already talked about, flickr went "gamma" today. i've only played with it for a little while buuuut as far as i can tell, the changes only seem to be cosmetic.

to me, it seems like they were going for an even cleaner design. but it feels like they're wearing too much eyelinr and have lipstick all over their face. i mean, drop down lists are all well and good but the only functionality that i've been wanting for months now is the return of the "reset" button for new comments on your photos.

that's all. it's not a big request. and i haven't seen the "super sets" or "sets within sets" that a lot of people have been requesting.

in other words, we are underwhelmed.

eh, whatever. leff's super secret site is in, to quote leff, "very active development" and should start an alpha test on tues of next week. i'll be uploading my new photos there instead of flickr since the site will allow me to have embedded photos and videos and audio here at the gpiss even though you won't be able to follow the link back to my super secret page. (sorry, closed alpha. as soon as they're open beta you can click through. i'll keep you posted.)

i'm terribly excited about the alpha test. i've been watching this baby site grow and it's nice to see that it's about to take its first steps.

right, it's crazy warm and sunny outside, i'm expecting a produce shipment and my roomba/chibi-robo should be arriving today. plus i have to finish the julia child autobiography because it's due back at the library. which means that i should stop writing now.


Brit said...

Mmmm, thanks Rakka. That looks like a Philly roll! Yummy...

r4kk4 said...

hee hee!

i hope it didn't taste like a philly roll!

Anonymous said...

hi'ya rakka--keep me in the loop for the secret new photo-not-flickr site!! I still want in!

: )

r4kk4 said...

will do, burnt, baby! :D!

they should be doing beta not too long after the alpha test. (leff would really like for it to be soon. it's killing him that they're not live yet. poor guy.)