Sunday, August 27, 2006

bumbershoot tickets and ranier maria

leff and i spent most of yesterday recovering from sunburn. that's not to say that we didn't leave the house because, well, we did. on the way to breakfast we walked past some sort of art fair that was happening in queen anne. they had balloons to indicate where artists had set up their tables. but it felt really disjointed. there were random people scattered around a two block area. it was strange.

when we returned home, our bumbershoot tickets had arrived. w00t!

j dropped by shortly after the tickets arrived and we headed to easy street for the ranier maria instore. this time we stuck around the drum and bass section

to try and get some decent photos. we got one. sigh...

(photo courtesy of leff)

caithlin de marrais smiles when she sings. i wish that i'd gotten video because it's adorably awesome.

today is leff's last vacation day but i'm not sure what we're going to do. maybe the underground tour? hahaha!

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