Tuesday, August 15, 2006

how it's made, stench blossom

have you ever seen how it's made on the discovery or science channel? you have? are you as hooked as i am?

if you haven't caught the show, it's basically 24 minutes of different maufacturing processes divided into four segments which are accompanied by music that was considered "from the future" in 1975 and wonderfully low key narration. sounds dull, but it's not.

(a disclaimer: i love manufacturing footage. remember those vids that mister rogers would show occasionally? i love them. also, i take tours of manufacturing plants whenever possible. it's weird, i know.)

yesterday's episode included a segment on how bikes are made. there was this incredible four flame welding machine that was used to construct the frame. seriously a thing of beauty. (i've mentioned that i'm weird about these things, right?)

how about a lame visual pun for putting up with all of that gushing? here's a faye blade.

yes, lame.

not related in any way is the corpse flower, or as it's known at casa rakkaleff, the "stench blossom". samantha at seattle metblog mentioned that the flower in volunteer park is blooming this week. i've never had the chance to smell a plant that reeks of dead flesh but now i'm going to. i'll make sure to not eat lunch before i leave for the conservatory.


Irregular Shed said...

We get How It's Made over here, but like Mythbusters it gets anglicised. Both have British voiceovers, and the music in HIM is made slightly less lame in the process.

r4kk4 said...

ooooh!! i'd love to hear the brit version of the show! i'll bet it's awesome!

i really like the lame music in the u.s. version. it reminds me of 1980's disnyland for some reason.