Sunday, August 06, 2006

my camera thinks it's mark rothko, sweet tooth, the navy?

cupcake royale has a new flavo(u)r of cupcake at the moment. raspberry with cream cheese icing. mmmm! since it was a work day i thought, "why not have one for breakfast?" so i did.

i took a pic of it which i'll post in a sec. (it's blurry, of course.) but check out what was on the camera before the cupcake.

my camera thinks it's mark rothko!

but back to the cupcake. here it is being blurry next to some coffee.

i guess i'll have to eat another one so i can get a better picture for you. poor me.

it's sad but that cupcake wasn't enough to cure my sweet tooth yesterday. oh no. i also ate this sucker.

i can't remember if that's the one left over from lunch the other day or a sucker that my bank teller gave me. (he does it of his own free will, thank you very much. although i'm not above asking. if, uh, my blood sugar is low...*cough*)

right, enough of the sugary crap. leff and i took a walk in the park next to amgen yesterday afternoon. he has a photo of a giant tanker type boat (i'm *so* up on my boat terminology. *eyeroll*) that was being loaded. he also took this shot:

i think you can maybe see some docked navy boats if you squint really hard and tell yourself that those grey things are docked navy boats.

the blue angels were screaming around town while we were at the park. conversations were like this:

me: so i says to mabel, i says...*SOUND OF SCREAMING JET PLANE*
leff: what?
me: so i says to mabel, i says...*SOUND OF SCREAMING JET PLANE*
leff: huh?

i might be headed back to the locks today. (i heart them in case you couldn't tell from my long gushing post the other day.) i also might stay home and catch up on laundry. oh, the exciting possibilities!

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