Monday, August 07, 2006

the locks redux, hi metblog readers!

excuse me if i get sammich all over this entry. i'm devouring a turkey and havarti panini from safeway (surprisingly, not bad) while i'm typing. i forgot to eat until, well, now. it sucks when i do that.

leff and i went back to the locks yesterday. ok, I went back to the locks, it was leff's first time being there. i've already gushed about this place, so let me just give you the highlights of this trip.

some guy had some portable palm trees.

leff got a picture of someone's dog.

we ate lunch at the lockspot

where i had some rockin' fish and chips.

i like tartar sauce.

today has been weird. sadly, not weird enough to write about. just a bit off. for example, i saw some lady just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and say very loudly and to no one in particular "what the hell is wrong with my eyeball?!"

ok, that was weird enough to write about. but everything else has been just slightly off status quo.

before i go offaline for the day, hello, metblog readers who have clicked through! and thanks to josh for linking to my ballard locks article.

and thank jesus for turkey sammiches. i'm feeling *much* better now that i've eaten.

ciao until tomorrow!

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