Saturday, August 12, 2006

knitta, etsycraft

yesterday i got a photo of the knitta tag outside of easy street on mercer ave.

knitta info. i think i've heard a rumor about their being in town during bumbershoot. i don't know where i read this or if it's even true but i hope that they do come back. i love knitta tags.

i made my first entry for the etsy/craft contest yesterday. (i took a break from more serious drawing so this is a quick thing that i dashed off.)

see, it's a play on the word craft. geddit? a submarine is a craft? eh? eh? oh, never mind. (etsy if you'd like a squid drawing.)

and that's that. i'm trying very hard to stay warm. i wonder if i could get away with wearing my coat this morning? maybe i'll just settle for two hoodies and a waffle undershirt.


Brit said...

Your squishy squid was featured on the MAKE mag blog!

r4kk4 said...

AAAAAAAAAH!!! i can't believe it! :D!

thanks so much for telling me, brit! :D!