Sunday, August 13, 2006

i can't sleep in the wake of saturday

saturday started with someone playing a banjo at my job and ended with craft slices.

oh, and there was a lot of food involved.


after i finished proctoring for the day, leff, j and i had lunch at vera's.

i had french toast (scrumptious!), j had a veggie sammich and leff had the veggie benedict which was simply mind blowing.

i'm ordering that next time. potential for heart attacks be damned! (both of those photos are leff's. like you couldn't tell since they're actually good! haha!)

vera's has gum. it's pretty.

(i still have squid ink on my fingers in that photo.)

since we were in ballard we went to the locks, of course. (i live there now.) i won't bore you with too many photos except, well, this blurry one of fish eggs.

after the locks i think we watched "totoro" and looked at cds and drank coffee and debated whether or not it would be too crowded to go to the "game on!" exhibit. i think that we decided that it would be because we ended up at gordito's.

oh, juan and manuel! they didn't even know we were making bunny ears behind their cute little heads!

also at gorditio's? roller derby mania was playing at the bar. i've added it to my netflix queue because, oh man, was it awesome! (esp when it was muted and crazy tijuana brass style music was playing in the background. it's amazing how well roller derby lends itself to those kinds of songs.)

i think somewhere around this time i took a nap because, you know, i'd been eating all damn day. but after i woke up, i made my next entry for the etsy/craft contest.

geddit? craft slices? eh? eh? man, you're a tough crowd. (etsy if you'd like some sculpey bread with sculpey craft slices.)

i think i also finished an agatha christie book and watched the maltese falcon. not a bad day, really.

today is pretty much open ended. hopefully, i'll do something worth writing about. if not, well, i'll write about it anyway.


haiku_girl said...

DUDE. I've totally had Manuel. I believe I stuck my finger up his toilet paper tube of a butt.

r4kk4 said...

oh my goodness! i had no idea that gordito's was so risque! ;D

looksy said...

You better win the Etsy Craft contest. I just took a look at the other contestant's goods and they have nothing on you, yours is the best!

r4kk4 said...

aw, *blushing!!* you're too good for my ego, looksy! thanks so much!