Monday, August 14, 2006

ferry + a fishy story

this sunday was fun if exhausting. leff and i took the ferry to bainbridge island. in case you're planning a trip to seattle and want to take one of the ferries, they leave from pier 52.

got that? pier 52.

look for the phallic weiner that's enjoying the condiments just a bit too much and you'll know you're there. (uh, in case the big orangey red signs don't tip you off first.)

i really like the ferries. i can say this because i don't use them to commute but instead as a brief respite from the city. they're really retro on the inside.

if you remember to bring cash, which, of course i never do, you can purchase coffee in the "canteen". (in all honesty, they probably have a credit card machine but i've only ever paid with cash. well, once. when i had a few dollars.)

a few more shots around the ferry. me and seattle.

and the ferry wake and seattle.

i really don't know why we bothered walking around on bainbridge. (most of the time we just hop back in line for the ferry and reboard.) maybe because we thought about renting a canoe for a while but, come on, when was the last time i canoed? and, oh yeah, aren't leff and i running on just caffeine, adrenaline and autopilot as it is? huh? what?

long story short, no canoe. we just hung out in front of the retirement home until time for the next ferry.

leff's feet like grass.

i've made it look like the ferry was empty. oh noes, chitterlings! tourist season is still in fulll swing. check out the crowd exiting into seattle.

thankfully, the boat is large and it's possible to find secluded places. otherwise, i'd never take the ferry.

today hasn't been that exciting. (i'm sure you're surprised about that! *eyeroll at self*) i talked to some guy from hawaii that fishes for the beast that makes up the mcfish sandwich at mcdonalds. that was surprising because i've always thought that the mcfish fillet was a composite brick of several kinds of fish instead of a particular species. shows what i know. (sorry, i don't remember what kind of fish he said it was.)

now i need to finish my final etsy/craft entry and see if i can scare up some wasabi peas. i have a terrible craving for those at the moment.

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