Friday, August 11, 2006

neilsen's, new camera, veggie dim sum, ice cream

food and photos. that's sums up yesterday quite nicely. but if you'd like more details, you could keep reading.

ah, lunch! i had a tuna salad sandwich and a sarah bernard (which i'm fairly certain that i ordered as a sarah bernhardt since i'm never awake enough to read properly.) from neilsen's bakery. the sandwich wasn't shabby (i got there too late for the chicken salad. i'm assuming that's the best sandwich at neilsen's since it was sold out.) but the sarah bernard? oh holy hell! it was three things that i love packed into one fluffy confection. a bad photo, if you will:

that would be a blurry bit of chocolate mousse resting on a tiny, feathery vanilla cake that was then dipped in chocolate hazelnut with a few shavings of pistacchio. *drooling!*

if you visit me in seattle in the upcoming months, you're eating one of these. unless you have a nut allergy in which case, you can have one of their snitters.

the sarah bernard was enough to make yesterday fantastic. but then our new camera arrived and i thought "what the hell am i still thinking about that cake for?!? CAMERA!!" (sugar, i love it and leave it.)

anyway, here's a photo of the new camera taken with the old camera.

and that's pretty much all i got to see of it until this morning. heh heh (all photos from this point on are leff's unless otherwise noted.) (he likes new toys. plus he takes better photos than me so i'm not complaining!)

about 30 minutes after the camera arrived, j made it to our casa and we were off for veggie dim sum!

it's an action photo! whooo! (ok, sorry. promise no more photos of/from the car. i'm just excited about the new camera.)

the vegetarian bistro is an all vegetarian resturant specializing in dim sum. (they serve other dishes besides the dim sum that are equally as yummy and, omg!, i never want to eat anywhere but there again!)

we ordered a lot of food. a LOT of food. we had the steam hum bun, deep fried mash potato, pot stickers and one other dish of dim sum that i can't remember. additionally, we split a large bowl of delicious wonton soup and an order of orange chicken. here's the only shot of food that we have. (leff was too busy eating to take more.)

that would be the remains of the orange chicken (the sauce was on the side. and WOW was it orangey! i could eat that sauce for breakfast! mmm!) and the pot stickers.

i love vegetarian bistro. all of the food was reasonably priced, of fair proportions and had very clean, distinct flavors. in other words, simple and delicious. i want to eat lunch there today.

the light was really nice outside. so leff took this awesome photo of mon hei chinese bakery.

i heart that neon ice cream sign. here it is again:

while leff was busy taking awesome pictures, j and i had a race to see whose photo could upload fastest. my photo:


j won. damn it.

while in the id, i'm required by law to shop at both kinokuniya and uwajimaya. i got a lot of tiny erasers from kinokuniya (some photos of which i'll post in a sec) and leff got two issues of robot. (we both love range murata.) at uwajimaya we got ice cream!

they were b b big.

leff was the smart person that got melon flavor. j and i opted for the red bean variety. normally, i'm all over red bean things but this particular ice cream tasted, to quote j "like an unthawed frozen burito without cheese". it just wasn't sweet enough.

oh well, next time i'll get the melon.

we also went to easy street where i didn't buy anything. again.

and that was thursday. today will probably not be as food filled since i'm still full from the dim sum. but i'll leave you with two shots of ice cream erasers. luther with ice cream

(i was still learning how to use the macro setting on that one.)

and a squidsicle.


jrhyley said...

A620, eh? I still have my trusty powershot A60. That's inflation for ya.

[I just had to enter a CAPTCHA that was 12 characters long. At some point you just have to admit defeat to the spammers.]

r4kk4 said...

wow! i'm impressed! our elph sd110 has being dying a slow, lingering death.

[wow. i really want blogger to switch to the picture captchas. the ones they have now are getting a bit stupid, as i'm sure you'll agree.]