Thursday, August 31, 2006

tv, bumbershoot progresses, the henry and the burke

i didn't mean to not post anything yesterday. i was just binging on the first two discs from season two of veronica mars and, you know, kinda' ran out of time? (yeah, yeah. just keep that little "veronica" tidbit to yourself, will you?)

also in tvland, on pr last night, ANGELA FINALLY GOT VOTED OFF!! about damn time too!

and that's all i'll say about that.

today i stopped by the center to get some photos of experimental housing project being installed.

also at the center? i found my evil twin. she was on the ground.

today saw a trip to both the henry and the burke.

the henry

and the burke.

let's start with the henry, shall we?

my main goal in visiting was to see systemic landscapes and skyspace. i wasn't disappointed by either exhibit.

i spent a lot of time watching people from the level above the maya lin exhibit. so, in essence, i was watching people walk under the "water line". (it's the first image on the "systemic landscapes" link above)

prepositional phrases make me laugh.

also at the henry were byron kim's threshold and akio takamori's the laughing monks.

since no pictures were allowed in any galleries, this is the photo that you get.

yes, brochures.

i'm too tired to gush about how awesome everything at the henry was except to mention that i saw my fist kim "belly" painting and, holy hell, why haven't i been to "skyspace" before today!?! so, you know, take my word for it and visit the museum if/when you're in town. (if you live in seattle, you've got 3 more days to view the maya lin installation. you're doing yourself a major disservice if you don't see this.)

since i was in the udistrict, i decided to drop by the burke. i'd never been and this too is surprising to me. (i heartheartheart natural history museums!)

the burke has some AWESOME fossils! seriously, the mammoth is, er, well mammoth! (i have a special place in my dark little heart for mammoths.) and there was one rock with something like, fifteen trilobites inside of it. fifteen!!!

the basement has a permanent exhibit entitled pacific voices. while you walk through the space, you will occasionally hear young japanese schoolchildren chanting "konichiwa!" on the looped video tape.

it's really cute.

but then, when you 'round the corner after the lushootseed exhibit, you will see the most awesome rangda mask. i gasped. really. and then i sat and stared at it for about 10 minutes.

also at the burke was the wildlife photographer of the year. kind of cool. my favorite images (bence máté's "yawning fox" and danny green's "red deer headgear") must be everyone else's favorites as well since they were both available as postcards.

yeah, i'm a sucker for postcards.

i'm also a sucker for naps so i'm off to get some rest. (then maybe i'll get some work done. i've been such a slacker these past two days.)

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