Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i heart spud!

you're lucky that i didn't make the title "this spud's for me" because i could have. oh, i could have...

our first spud order arrived today!

man, this makes me so very happy! two kinds of bread, silk, a gallon of milk, nancy's yogurt, cage free eggs, junk food that's all oganic! and i didn't have to lug it home!!

all of the food came packaged (very well i might add) in a large reusable purple tupperware container. frozen and refrigerated items were packed in silver envelopes with some dry ice. (i had to keep fujiko away from the dry ice but, you know, she's insane.)

everything arrived unbroken and at the correct temperature. and it got here before tiny's, our organic produce people.

in short, if you're thinking about using spud, i'd recommend it. i'll let you know in a month or so if it continues to be this wonderful.

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