Thursday, August 03, 2006

some confusion about a theatre, thaiku, good riddance, keith!, rl intrudes

last night we (me + j + leff) almost went to a dress rehearsal at either the 5th ave theatre or teatro zinzanni or maybe even someplace else. yeah, i know, there's a BIG difference between those venues. i'm unclear as to which place it was because i only found out about j having tickets an hour before we were supposed to be there and he really only had a vague address to go by.

anyway, after much hemming and hawing and a trip to the super secret site's office to pick up leff, we decided not to bother. as 1) we were running late 2) we were all really hungry 3) we still weren't really sure about where or even what it was. ah, well. at least we had dinner at thaiku. and then we watched "the goonies" and "project runway" so it wasn't a total bust.

speaking of "runway" HELL YES! i'm SO glad that keith got kicked off!


here's a photo of some toys. this entry is looking text heavy.

i would've had some pictures of the salmon at the ballard locks but the bus was running really late so i didn't make it to the fish ladder today. maybe tomorrow.

i can't mention the big news about the super secret site yet since, well, it's still a secret. maybe later today i'll post about it. (probably not though. i'm trying to cut down on the amount of time i spend online. i have to do some stuff in rl that's fun and really great to be doing again but is rather time intensive and not related to computers. still, i'll post once a day as usual. (*whispering* i made a schedule. (laughing at self))

and since i've mentioned the rl stuff, it's time i got started on that.

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