Thursday, August 24, 2006

cupcakes, the monk, linda's

yesterday i FINALLY made d's bday cupcakes.

i took them to the monk, the home of belgian beers in capitol hill.

it's loud at the monk. which makes things like "we want beer" difficult to communicate without resorting to text.

blurry, drunken text.

after the monk, leff, j, t and i went to linda's where they were screening old classroom movies. there was some antidrug movie narrated by sonny bono who looked really high. most effective piece of propaganda EVAR!

have i mentioned that i love linda's? i do. but i hatehatehate that the 8 bus stops running after 11:30. grrrrrrr!! (thanks to j for giving us a ride home.)

i think i'm going back to sleep for a while. it's too early for writing.

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