Tuesday, August 29, 2006

stuff and things

not much besides work today. but that's not a bad thing. productivity is great!

i will tell you this, however, even when seattle motorists almost run over you, they're polite about it. i had right of way in a crosswalk and this guy (on his mobile, of course) came just a little too close to my feet (and legs, and well, all of me, really) for comfort. so i hit his suv with my envelope (i was headed to the post office) to snap him out of his trance. he rolled down his window and apologized.

i'm still not used to this sort of thing.

speaking of seattle, it was a year ago today that leff and i loaded up the truck and began our five day trek out here.

i'll never move that far in a uhaul again. esp not with four cats in the cab.

right, back to work.


Irregular Shed said...

I was thinking about the anniversary of your move the other day, because Luther did a lovely impromptu pose on packing tape for my birthday message =)

Crystal said...

Happy one year Seattleversary!!!


Groc said...

and none of the kitties have felt the need to escape and run back to Memphis? You must be doing something right -or else got them locked up so tight...

r4kk4 said...

oh YEAH! he DID!! haha! i'd forgotten about that, shed!

thanks, crystal! :D! the anniversary is on the second during bumbershoot! that's why we got tickets! :D!

hahaha!!! the cats hiss at the screen if any program about elvis or the bbq festival or memphis come on, groc!

i've never seen ms peel so happy since we moved here. she was always a pretty easy going cat but NOW, holy hell! she purrs all the time and she runs and plays even more than she did before.

the kittens love the seabirds. clouseau especially. i thought they would be afraid of the gulls but they like chasing them from window to window! :D!

ava could care less. HAHHA!!