Monday, August 28, 2006

doubletake for reals

so i did it. i went to doubletake. this is the only picture you'll see

since photography was not allowed.

what did i think of the exhibit? well, it was a bit heavy on the impressionists for my tastes. but, considering that it was an exhibit aimed at making as many people as possible happy, that's ok. impressionists are crowd pleasers.

also, paul hayes tucker currated. and, well, the impressionists are his thing.

there was a great kenji yanobe (atomic suit project: desert) and, the real reason for my braving seattle center, gerhard richter's candle.(not exactly the version that i linked to, but it'll give you an idea.) also, my two favorite abex daddies, jasper johns and william de kooning were both represented. (although, sadly, not one of de kooning's women.)

some griping: the pamphlet makes a big deal of talking up "framed vs. unframed". like, some old masters have been reframed in comtemporary ways for the show. which, you know, whatever. but i wish they could've used some nonglare glass on some of the paintings. because, christ, hello? those spots, the ones illuminating the gallery? they reflect. esp on the fischl. and it was exactly the part in which i was interested.

also, if i tell you that i don't want the audio guide, don't keep asking me. i don't like the intrusion of scripted audio in a museum setting.

and, if i check my bag, could i please be allowed to exit the way that i entered? look, i like frank gehry buildings as much as the next person. but, in my experience, they don't exactly have the most straightforward of layouts. without coffee, i am a very confused person. please don't make me have to navigate modern architechture any more than neccesary when i'm groggy. i might bite your hand.

so, in summation, the exhibit felt more like paul allen's attic than anything else. which, i suppose, is appropriate since it was at emp, which is also known as, well, "paul allen's attic". (ok, i call it paul allen's attic but you should too!)

it's worth the admission esp since your ticket stub will get you half off at the henry. so, hooray for that.

in other center news, bumbershoot prep has started.

i'll be checking back throughout the week because i want to document the building of the experimental housing project. (suttonberesculler's suburbia by the international fountain).


Groc said...

heys - at last i get to see/hear the video - treemo doesn't like me. It does the partial loadings and the stutterings and stoppings sometimes.

r4kk4 said...

ah, that's a bug with the flash player. it's not something that leff works on. (the guy that does it is in nyc.)

to get it to work on treemo, i often have to hit pause when i first open the vid, let it download and then hit play. it's stupid. i wish someone would get the nyc guy to fix the damn thing already!!