Friday, August 18, 2006

drink, eat, drink, repeat

last night saw my bf's company's crew with their plus boozin' it up and occasionally eating at the market street grill.

i had an heirloom tomato salad (because i miss ripe summer tomatoes. i guess they just don't make it over the freakin' cascades. *shakes fist at whole mountain range*)with buffalo mozzarella (drooooling), brown butter croutons and basil vinaigrette. i had to use the flash in this photo so it looks really greasy, but in real life it wasn't.

there was a green zebra tomato slice buried under the croutony goodness. i'm not sure what variety the red and yellow slices were but they were fan-fucking-awesome!

the rest of the night was spent pretty much drinking and trying to avoid s's camera. (*shakes fist at s*) (and a quiet thanks to a. *wink wink*)

after we'd annoyed all patrons in the market street grill and had exhausted our poor, wonderful wait staff, several of us hopped it to the hi-life for more drinking and photo taking.

this is my photo of leff taking a photo of s taking a photo of his drink.

how can you tell if you're a geek? when instead of "going wild" when you're drunk you get meta.

today, well, i'm not sure what i'm doing today. probably drawing/painting. unless i decide to run around on the beach while there's still time. (summer's almost over, you know. *shakes fist at fall and winter*)

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