Monday, August 28, 2006

smitten, doubletake

sunday was chock full of nothing. i mean, unless you count breakfast at mecca.

i did catch the rene di rosa episode of smitten last night. i'm so in love with him! he single handedly obtained the largest collection of californian art in the world! WOW!! that's all i can really say! just WOW!!

drop by the di rosa preserve site if you have time. i plan to physically visit the place as soon as possible.

i may do the doubletake thing today. maybe. i think i'd rather go to the frye though since they have a new henry darger exhibit (i wonder if it's the same one that i saw at the chicago cultural center.) and i still have't seen trimpin: klompen. (er, looks like it's the emp thing. the frye is closed on mondays.) expect this to be a somewhat museum heavy week. i go through these phases, you know...

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