Thursday, August 03, 2006

slashfood, zzzzzzzzzzap!, i pimp 826...again

hello, slashfood readers! thanks for stopping by! (thanks to slashfood for the lovely mention. and, might i add, those il buddino pudding molds are wonderful!)

yesterday, while sorting through my office and the supplies that had managed to take it hostage (why, oh, why am i so obsessive about the rest of the house but not the place where i work?) i found my laser gun!

have i mentioned that i purchased it at the 826 space supply store? have i pimped 826 enough lately? have i mentioned that they're national? (in all honesty, they're a wonderful and creative organization. i wish that i had time to volunteer there.)

ah, leff's alarm clock just beeped. it's now my official timer for "stop using the internet and do something". i'll mention briefly, today will be a quick library day (i have dirty sugar cookies on hold and i have to return stick out your tongue which is brutal in some places but absolutely, totally worth a read.) and then ballard for, hopefully, the locks and lunch with leff.

maybe i'll also manage to get some work done as well.

so, see you tomorrow? if you're in seattle, i hope you'll be enjoying the blue angels' flyovers as much as i will. (*eyeroll*)

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