Monday, August 21, 2006

snakes on a plane and one long ass day

ever notice how when you start the day by drinking that the alloted 24 hour time span for, say, "sunday" seems to stretch out to equal something more like 48?

it's got something to do with string theory, i'm sure.

j, leff and i had brunch at linda's yesterday.

holy hell, but the food is great there! (i had the cowgirl taco that had the best soyrizo that i've ever tasted.) and the jukebox rocks. someone played hank williams. i love hank williams songs when i've been drinking on a sunday.

we alternated mimosas with coffee. i don't know about you but when i'm wired and drunk, i tend to drink even more booze and caffeine. which might explain why the table ended up with a round of dewdrivers which are composed of mountain dew and vodka.

yes, a dewdriver. yes, i'd drink it again. but i'm the person who's been mixing vodka and purple slurpees all summer, so, uh, i'm not sure if you want to trust my judgement on this one.

for the record, there's another knitta tag outside of linda's.

i heart knitta.

around this time things get a bit fuzzy. i think we spent a few hours futzing with an external hard drive and, in the process, missed the 1:30 and 4:30 showings of "snakes on a plane". i do remember that we walked to the pirate bar which was closed!!! aaaaargh!

and so we ended up at doc watson's which is more than fine with me. it's one of the mcmenamins bars (it's a small chain of restaurant/bars in the washington/oregon area. i'm sure i've mentioned mcmenamins before. their beer is superb. i, however, had a cherry lemonade. with vodka. are you noticing a pattern here?)

finally, FINALLY at 6ish we arrived at the cinerama. but, of course, we needed coffee. thankfully, top pot is in the same neighborhood.

leff got a raspberry donut.

mmmm! coffee.....mmmmmm! donuts!!! *drooling*

back to the cinerama. after a horrifying encounter with the paris hilton song that was playing in the lobby, we arrived unscathed in the balcony where j looked for "snake" and "plane" songs on his laptop. you know, to set the mood.

he also looked for "internet is a series of tubes" songs but he didn't have any.

right, "snakes on a plane". it wasn't horrible but it wasn't great. i'd see it again if i had had enough to drink. i'd also watch it if the audience was into it. (we had much hissing, "OH!"s and screams and, of course, everyone said the line. you know the one.

oh! before i forget, these motherfuckin' chicken posters have sprung up (schwing!) all over seattle this weekend.

(photo courtesy of j.)

and that brings us to today. if you have an etsycraft entry to post, today is your last day! i can't wait to see the winners!


jrhyley said...

Also good in Mountain Dew: Malibu Rum. Mmm. I, also, am a fan of mixing the caffeine with the alcohol.

r4kk4 said...

that would be good...if i could drink malibu rum anymore.

it's a long story that ends in regurgitation. i'll just leave it at that. ;D

Lisa B. said...

Mountain Dew is bad for your teeth. (scroll down to the "featured article). I don't know if the vodka reduces the damage ...

r4kk4 said...

stupid mountain dew.

(i hardly ever drink it anyway. i'm more of a diet coke with splenda with a liter of water chaser. then i follow that with about four shots of espresso, more water and more diet coke.

but, uh, not mountain dew. unless i've been drinking. ;D)

Pip said...

Is it actually common for US cinema-goers to make noises like clapping, cheering, etc. during films as is portrayed in films?

It just doesn't happen in the UK. If anyone did do it, they'd get some goddamn stern reproachful stares I can tell you now!

r4kk4 said...

nah, it's not that common, pip. i mean, unless it's known going into the film that it's going to be an "audience participation" type film.

like, if you see a horror movie on opening weekend? expect for there to be a lot of talking and screaming. it makes the whole thing a lot more fun.

a general rule of thum, the crappier the movie, the more talking.

it's also different in regions of the country. like, on the east coast, no one really talked back to the screen. in the south, yes, there was a lot (esp in crappy movies).

in seattle, people sit down, turn off their phones and behave. haha!

i mean, unless it's "snakes on a plane". ;D

r4kk4 said...

also, PIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP!!! welcome back!!!! :D!!!!!!

Pip said...

If that's the kind of welcome back I can usually expect, I should get married more often ;)

r4kk4 said...


well, we missed you!

don't become a 19th century mormon though just for the welcome back. ;D