Saturday, August 26, 2006

one whale of a post

*groan!* these titles, they are *so* bad!

yesterday leff and i took the victoria clipper to san juan island to watch orcas. this was really, really fun (really!) if terribly exhausting. (please note, i'll try to keep whale photos to a minimum as i know that these sorts of things are only really cool if you happened to be there.)

the day started at 5:30 am. which would have been fine and dandy (after three shots of espresso and a cup of complimentary coffee)if the agency through which i had booked our seats had bothered to notify the clipper that we had, indeed, paid for tickets. (don't evereverever book through grey line, kids.)

and so we were placed on priority standby. and we waited, and waited. but then! *sounds of trumpets* our names were announced! HOORAY!

sadly, all of the seats in the lower decks were taken so we grabbed a bench on the upper deck.

the scenery was gorgeous

but it was very, very windy and, thus, very, very cold. i took many trips to the lower deck to stand next to the hot dog machine since it was the warmest spot on the boat.

about two hours, 45 minutes, one bald eagle and a blue heron later we arrived in friday harbor.

several people disembarked (although i don't for the life of me understand what anyone could do in friday harbor for four hours. more about that later.) and then we were off to see the whales! w00t!

several documented pods of orcas live in the san juan island area. we were lucky enough to witness the jpod as they went through their daily routine of eating, communicating and, you know, whale stuff.

the male separated from the group and leff was able to snap his photo when he surfaced. look!

we followed the pod for about an hour (i could be wrong about the amount of time though. i know there are regulations for how long you're allowed to be near orcas since it's not good to disrupt them.) and then we headed back to friday harbor.

several types of gulls and a bunch of coramonts (??) later, we disembarked. for two hours. which, christ on a bun, is too long to spend in friday harbor.

it's....quaint. but having grown up in a small town i've sorta' had my fill of quaint. so leff and i grabbed a bite at the least touristy looking place we could find and then sat near the dock until time to board. because i sure as hell wasn't getting stuck in friday harbor. it would quaint me to death.

the trip back was *much* better since we snagged a booth on the lower deck. plus, we passed point no point which was mentioned in the daniel handler book that i was reading on the boat.

there were also harbor seals.

and wakes from cruise ships which made the ride a bit roller coastery. i heart roller coasters.

so that was whale watching. all twelve hours of it. and i'm still tired so i'll end this now. today, well, i'm not sure what's up. maybe the primordeal boggy thing in first hill?


Aine said...

I actually think whale watching pictures are cool no matter what! I can't wait until I have a chance to do the same.

r4kk4 said...

oh wow!!! when are you going?!?

leff has more photos at his treemo account if you'd like to see them! :D!