Wednesday, August 02, 2006

a real entry for a change!

sorry about the past few days, kittens. i found myself with little to no extra time for writing due to 1) an injured boyfriend 2) various paperworky things 3) too much emailing 4) ocd type frenzied cleaning 5) etc and etc

it happens. i apologize.

now where were we? oh, right! breakfast!

(no, the coffee's name is not rakka. i don't name all things that i own "rakka", you goofball! leff had a similar bev to mine and that led to the labeling. geez, but you're silly today!)

joe's bday is tomorrow. at least i think it's tomorrow. hell, i'm making his cake today either way. i'll post the finished result later this afternoon since he hardly ever reads me bloggy blog. (sorry, it's not going to be game related. i thought about doing something dig duggy since he likes that game but i've decided on something else.)

that brings me to seattle d's birthday. d! i know your birthday is soon! i hope that i haven't missed it! the last time i remember you mentioning it was when i was hella blotto! (yes, loyal readers, that's been happening a lot lately. winky wink.) do i still have time to make you a cake?

and that's that with the bdays. in other news, big changes are afoot at the super secret site. i'll tell you about them tomorrow when they're officially announced. i will say, however, that i'm both excited and happy about them.

in other news, i may have a cool announcement in the upcoming month! and, no, it's nothing to do with 1) babies 2) marriage 3) home ownership. get your mind out of the gutter! i can't wait to tell you about it though! (but the time's not right just yet.)

and so ends today's first "real" entry. i'll more than likely post some cake photos later this afternoon so, cake lovers, please check back around 1ish pst (4ish est, 10ish gmt other times zones.)


Irregular Shed said...

Also my bday this month =)

32 on the 26th =(

r4kk4 said...

crikey, but you're old.

HAHAHAHA!! i'm *so* kidding! happy early bday, shed! :D!