Wednesday, August 16, 2006

revised plans, steambot chronicles and fisty mcbeefpunch

i've had to revise my last etsy/craft entry. i couldn't get the sculpey to do what i wanted it to do and no amount of sanding can change that. (i don't have the materials at hand to make an armature.) (i miss earthenware. handbuilding with that stuff is a breeze. oh, how i pine for studio space and a kiln. sigh...)

but back to the sculpey. i should have a very tiny piece finished by this afternoon at the latest. i'll post a photo when all's complete.

leff started playing steambot chronicles (also known as "ponkotsu roman daikatsugeki bumpy trot" tee hee, bumpy trot.) last night. it's, well, a bit quirky. i think after riding around in a "trotmobile" your character, vanilla (all of the characters so far are named after spices and flavorings) joins a band playing a harmonica. but i can't really tell at this point.

hey, did i ever upload this picture of the large overhead projector sticker?

i can't remember. if i have, oh well. there it is again.

speaking of pics, there's a file on the desktop that's called "fisty mcbeefpunch". i'm fairly certain that it's a screengrab from a flash game that leff was playing. why do i mention it? if you had something labeled "fisty mcbeefpunch" on your desktop, wouldn't you?

k, i gotta run. i need to finish the last etsy/craft entry. ciao, etc.

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