Thursday, August 24, 2006

reminder: vacation

leff's phone reminded him this morning that we were taking a vacation.

it's our very first proper break since moving to seattle. since we didn't have any plans (both of us like to keep things open ended when possible)leff suggested that we walk around belltown and check out some shops that we'd mentally bookmarked.

first stop after passing the catholic seaman's club,

(snicker, tee hee!)

was federal army and navy surplus. i know what you're thinking, you're thinking "army surplus?!?" but, you know, they're awesome stores. i found a pea coat, some fantastic navy pants, a new bag and a pair of googles that i'm going back for. but not these googles.

there's rocket parking for, uh, your rocket just outside of the store. which is nice because it's hard enough to find parking in this city for a car, let alone a rocket.

since we were on first ave we had to drop into schmancy. it's as compulsory as breathing and twenty times more fun. kristen rask doesn't mind if you take photos of her store (if you ask politely.) (she's so cool!!)) here's a shot of the interior that i took especially for jme and groc.

check out these teeny ice creams! (and the lady that looks like she's thinking "whoooa! ice cream!")

leff and i purchased a string doll gang little prince

and a scarygirl mini.

honestly though, we would buy the whole store if we could.

after admiring some of the munnies that were left from the schmancy sponsored munny show last month, i snapped a shot of another knitta tag

and we were on our way to bed, bath and beyond. (yeah, yeah, i know. just hush, chitterling. we were scoping out storage bins and sheets.) on the way we saw a booger.

i won't bore you with tales from the linen department.

after bb&b we stopped off for a fantastic sammich at the third street deli? the third street cafe? whatever it's called, it's on third ave next to bed bath and beyond and it's quite low key and tasty. i wish that i could remember the name 'cause it's a great spot for a quick lunch.

eating made us kind of sleepy (i had turkey. don't eat tryptophan and run, kids.) but we still managed to stop by the kcts store where i bought a kite. which, i know, is kind of random but there we are.

the lady that runs the store lived in nashville for eight years. it's always kind of cool to meet transplanted tennesseeans. (for new readers, i was born in tn.) we can always laugh at how wonderful it is to be in seattle during the summer instead of suffering through the hell that is considered a season in the southern u.s.

and so ended our day. tomorrow we're taking a boat out to san juan island and doing some whale watching. i'll be sure to post lots of photos of our twelve hour tour. until then, i have to make some banana bread and egg salad for our trip. later, gators!


Irregular Shed said...

You're so right about army surplus. You get some great stuff in those stores, some of it really unexpected... like Army Surplus Oscilloscopes - and they looked like they'd seen field ops!

r4kk4 said...

oh my god! you have a pair of oscillioscopes!??! i heart you! :D!

Liiiza said...

ahhh! What store did you get the string doll? nyaaah!

r4kk4 said...

i got it at schmancy but they don't carry them anymore. sorry!