Tuesday, August 08, 2006

seattle donut/doughnut battle!

yeah, it's been done before but not by me. and not with a control doughnut.

i was expecting mighty o donuts in my spud order this week. and i thought to myself, i thought "self! we should put this whole top pot vs mighty o thing to rest!"

(actually, no, i thought something more along the lines of "self hungry! self want junk food! get self donuts!!!" but that kind of thinking doesn't really help in the narrative process.)

so this morning i procured a top pot doughnut and a control doughnut from the grocery. you know, for science.

here they are being blurry and waiting to be eaten.

that's milk in the background to help me clear my palate.

after taking a bite or two, (ok, more like three. i was hungry!) i came to these conclusions:

top pot is seriously cakey (at least the double chocolate version). it has a slightly nutty taste after a bit of chewing and a fudgey icing. but not too fudgey.

mighty o is pretty darn dense and tastes a lot fudgier than top pot. also, the nuttiness seems more pronounced to me. and, holy hell, i have a hard time believing that they're vegan. also, i like the aftertaste of these better.

control doughnut. uh, my notes say something like "bland, tough and chewy. i wouldn't eat this unless it was 1) free 2) for doughnut science".

so what did i decide? well, for my tastes, it's top pot. i like how it doesn't really hit you over the head with its chocolateyness.

that being said, i'm not gonna' hate on mighty o. they're really awesome. i just couldn't eat them every day. which, i guess i should be happy about.

i'm warning you though, don't eat the control doughnuts. even if they are free.

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