Tuesday, February 27, 2007

phở or foe?, in the pink, i'll tumblr for you

monday afternoon d called. "i have your whale bottle!" she said.

"whale bottle?!?" i replied not knowing what the fuck was going on because i'd just finished watching "the science of sleep" and hadn't eaten all day. also i was wearing two hoodies. (fashion forward!! hahaha!)

we eventually cleared things up when d squeezed the squirty whale section of the bottle in question into the phone and i realized (aha!!) that it was the awesome water bottle that burnt had sent me. (why can't i find a picture of that this morning?!)

anyway, it's times like these that you need to eat some cactus at the moose.

unfortunately for us, we got there right between the lunch and dinner shifts which meant that, DAMMIT!!, they were closed. so we opted for phở instead.

phở, not foe.

on the way to than bros, we passed these gorgeous trees that were blooming!

pink is the new spring! it's everywhere right now!

even on top of my babycake that i had for desert!

mmmm, babycake!

the rest of monday i spent typing things like "i like your lint strata. it's like a geology of your clothes." and then making a geology of clothes.

oh, and i also opened a tumblr account which i'm using as a link/youtube dump at the moment. (tumblr is pretty cool. it won't make sense why it exists unless you play with it so, if you're interested, you should sign up. i'm sure to be enamored of it for at least another five minutes!!)

and that's that. i mean, unless you count heading to mecca for dinner with leff. which i do, but i don't have pictures. i will say, "nice choices on the jukebox last night!" to whoever picked the combo that started with "thriller". awesome show, great job!

tuesday, of course, equals groceries. so i'm homebound again. but i'm homebound with new bird illustrations so that might be fun!


Lisa B. said...

Oh crap. I never got around to making a Tumble account. Again, I'll play with it later ...

Lisa B. said...

make that "tumblr"

r4kk4 said...

OMG!!! you didn't?!? GOD!!!

heh heh! you see, the reason that i have an account already and you don't is because i'm the one that needs to get a life! ;D!

r4kk4 said...

make that "lifr"?

Santos said...

crap. i think i really want one, but i totally abandoned my vox blog, never did the treemo thing, and my last.fm and some of my blogspot blogs are languishing. i think i'll just kill it in the end....bwaaaah, i feel bad already and i haven't even opened it!

r4kk4 said...

i abandoned my vox blog too. i'm too boring to have more than one site about me! :D!

you should be GLAD that you didn't use treemo. bait and switch, chotda dear, bait and switch. i'm still majorly pissed off about that wet spot of a site and i feel miserable about inviting you guys. (sorry to be so graphic, but that's what it's become.)

you should get a tumblr. it's easy to add links and stuff to it because it's got a little widgety (i'm using the wrong word) type thing that you add to your bookmarks a la delicious. when you want to add something to tumblr, you simply click on "share on tumblr" and a box pops up.

you follow really quick prompts and, voila! it shows up on your tumblr!

it's a thing of beauty! :D!

Santos said...

omg, it is! i think i have a crush on it. only, how come the pro.jection.ist/project.ion.ist/projecti.o.nist
(where the bleep do those dots go?) looks SOOO much better than the templates they have on offer? it's like all you little tumblers can ne'er be as grand as your progenitor bwahahahahaaaaa. anyway, yay, new way to waste time until the next thing comes!

ps--tumblr is sooo much more interesting than twitter to me.


r4kk4 said...

probably because he customized the template.

but i ask you, who has that sort of time?!?

tumblr is fun. and it's easy. and i have a crush on it too.

but twitter is dead to me. probably because i never set it up on my phone so i could text the site.