Friday, January 12, 2007

congrats to x!, olympics, sunshine, pandas, cooking mama

i can't believe that it's taken me so long to post about x getting a make blog mention. HOORAY, X!!

one thing about the wintery weather, it sure does make the olympics kick even more ass than usual! here's the view from queen anne yesterday.

and in context because i heart the pano making program.

the view was helped by copious amounts of sunshine.

now if it would only warm up and the trees would start blooming, i would be ecstatic!

i didn't do much of anything yesterday because of the wrist pain but i watched a show about butterstick's parents.

er, that's not me in the photo. that's a stuffed panda. you're silly!

i did try to play "cooking mama" for a while.

but it was painful so i stopped. it looks like a lot of fun though! i can't wait until my wrist feels better!

speaking of my wrist, leff made dinner last night since i couldn't really cook left handed only.

mmmm! curry!

this meant that he used the rice cooker. leff always uses the rice cooker. i personally hate the one that we have (it's one of those that slightly resembles a crock pot.) so i just keep it in the cupboard. but i do enjoy looking at the tiny elephant.

if we had a swanker model from zojirushi, i'd keep it out on the counter all the time so i could see the happy elephant every morning when i made coffee.

speaking of coffee, i really need to drink some. if you're in one of the colder areas of the world at the moment (which, unfortunately currently includes me. *shiver*) remember

and wear a hat!


Anonymous said...

I hear that left-handed food is more expensive than right-handed food. Does it taste any better?

r4kk4 said...

left handed food prepared using the left hand suzuki method is BY FAR superior to the standard right handed crap that is parcelled out at most cafeterias.

there's never any left overs. for reals!